Sunday, January 22, 2012

I know, I know.

In honor of the new movie coming out I am going to reread (for the third time) The Hunger Games. I really liked the books and when I saw the preview for the movie the other day I realized that I had forgotten a couple of parts. Here it the preview for the movie!

The Dry Grass of August

By: Anna Jean Mayhew

This book is set in the South in the 1950's. Jubie and her family, sans her dad, are going to visit their Uncle in Florida. Like most families they bring their black maid, Mary, to help along the trip. The South is a very racial and hate filled place during this time and they experience a lot of trouble on their car ride. None the less they arrive in Florida ready to play on the beach and visit their cousins.
Upon arrival and further questioning they discover from their cousin Sarah that their mean, alcoholic dad has been up to no good. Then, on the way home, something horrible and tragic happens. (You'll have to read for yourself, it's quite shocking and I had no idea it was coming)

What I thought: This book was really, really good. I read it in two nights. It has a "The Help-like vibe", but I liked the story a little bit better. I give it an A.

New Site!

My last site is gone. It was being hosted on our old computer and it crashed just recently. I'm sad because I paid 12 bucks to have my own .com name but that's ok, you'll just have to type after it instead.
I have read a lot of books lately! Some of them good, some of them horrible. So, let's get to them!